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Basketball is the game with high layups and dunks ratio.

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What is Switch in basketball? What does it mean in NBA?

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Basketball Meaning – Sports Fan Focus

Defensive versatility is extremely important in modern-day basketball due to the advanced level of offensive skill many players possess.

Basketball Terms all Coaches and Players Must Know

Becoming familiar with the many basketball terms is one of the toughest challenges for all new coaches and players.

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Ball fake: a sudden movement by the player with the ball intended to cause the defender to move in one direction.

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This article was written by VMI assistant coach Chris Kreider and is going to give 10 keys to setting and defending screens in basketball.

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This page presents many basketball defenses, man-to-man defense, zone defenses, junk defenses, half-court presses, etc.

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BasketballGlossary of terms3.2 Glossary of common basketball terms.

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(English) 1.2 Quick history of basketball. ... (English) Basic rules of basketball.